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Analyze - Measure - Succeed - Repeat

You know better than anyone how important it is to stand out to your surfers. The keys to doing so start with innovative marketing tools teamed up with exclusive high quality, converting sites! At AzianiGold we strive to bring affiliates the winning combination of these. Our Personality Sites are 100% EXCLUSIVE to AzianiGold and we provide a number of unique, quality promotional tools to help you in promoting our sites to your surfers!

Current marketing materials available to affiliates of AzianiGold:

Free Hosted Galleries
* New Free Hosted Photo Galleries and Free Hosted Movie Galleries updated regularly
* Galleries are built to tease and entice your surfer and generate conversions and sales
* No documentation issues for affiliates galleries are hosted by us

Banners and Creatives
* Our marketing tools include standard size, odd sized, skyscraper and we will even provide custom creatives for our active affiliates

Downloadable Content
* Download zipped content of Personality Site models, as well as many of the models featured in, to create your own individual marketing tools

Custom Marketing Tools
* While our tools will satisfy the needs of most webmasters, we understand that nothing stands out as much as customized marketing tools
* We have created customized banners, marketing tools and even entire custom photoshoots for active affiliates in the past
* Please contact us for custom marketing tool requests and we will do our best to provide you with what you need for your promotions